There are a ton of ostomy accessories on the market and once you find the ones you love, you’ll stick with them. Just like with the ostomy appliance brands, each person has a different experience with any given accessory. It’s worth trying different accessories out, even if the one person you know who’s tried it may have had a negative experience. Here are some common ostomy accessories:


Why wear a belt or band? Hernia prevention, hernia support, or ostomy pouch disguise (great if you’re wearing tighter clothes).

Nu-Hope Hernia Support/Hernia Prevention – Nu-Hope is in the pouching business and has a belt to go with it. Their belts are made with hernia support/prevention in mind and can be covered by US insurance.

Maternity Bands offer a sense of security and can flatten out your pouch a little bit so that it has a slimmer profile under your clothes. Not too loose, not too tight.

Ostomy Armor – Gordon Scott developed this great belt to help prevent leaks and conceal his ostomy under his clothes so he could live the active lifestyle he wanted. Now he’s shared that gift with all of us!

Stealth Belt – They sell belts for an active lifestyle and bathing suits!

Ostomy Resolutions Stoma Guard – This stoma guard just goes around the area where your pouch meets the baseplate (instead of being accompanied by a wrap or belt). It looks like it would be great for those who like to wear pants with a belt, but find their waistband lands right on their stoma.

Stoma Gard – This company offers a couple different stoma guards including ones for sports, hernias, swimming, showering, and a disposable belt-less one that sticks onto your pouch.

Colomajic – These are liners that fit inside a colostomy or ileostomy pouch so instead of emptying the pouch or throwing it away, you can just throw the liner away (it’s like using a plastic bag in your trashcan keeps your trashcan clean so you can use it longer). They offer free samples on their website.

Osto EZVent – This is a product that you can attach to your ostomy pouch to help let air out and prevent ballooning. This product was not made with a filter, so it is suggested that you use a deodorant in your pouch to keep the odor down.

Ostomy Pouch Disposal Seal – Seals the output and odor in your old pouch when you’re ready to dispose of the pouch portion of your two-piece appliance. Great for if you’re hiking and need to pack-out your pouches or if you’re at a friend’s house and want to get rid of it without the smells.

You can jazz up your ostomy pouch with bag covers too, check out the apparel and undergarments section to see where you can order them or get crafty and make your own!

Comfee Drive Ostomy Seatbelt Cover – For those of you who struggle to wear your seatbelt comfortably, this might help.
Diamonds Gelling and Odor Control Sachets – Put these in your pouch when you have really liquid output and it gels it right up making it thick.

Par-SORB Absorbent Gel Packets – These are packets of absorbent granules that turn your liquid output into semi-solid gel. Having thicker output helps keep it away from the stoma, lessening peristomal irritation. They also eliminate pouch noise, because your liquid output won’t be sloshing around. There is no mention of odor control, so you may have to supplement with an odor eliminator if odor is a concern for you.

Na `Scent Ostomy Odor Eliminator – This comes in a bottle. You squeeze a couple drops into your pouch after you’ve emptied and it eliminates the odor for the next time. They offer a free sample through their website.

Ostofresh Liquid Deodorant – This liquid deodorant comes in a bottle. Squeeze a couple drops into your pouch and it chemically eliminates the odor. They offer free samples on their website.

Stoma Cloak – This is a pouch cover that is made to reduce odor and moisture allowing you longer wear time. They are made with a polyester layer to wick away moisture and activated charcoal layer to reduce odor.

Awestomy – Awesomy offers ladies bootyshorts, wraps for men and women, some t-shirts, and other swag.

Vanilla Blush – Vanilla Blush sells sexy underwear for female ostomates, boxers for men, and swimwear.

Comfizz – This UK based business has a lot of products including some high waisted tight boxers to keep your ostomy pouch close to your body and supported a little. They also aim to relieve the discomfort of hernias.

Ostomy Secrets – This company is owned by Convatec, but all of their employees have/had ostomies and are very knowledgeable. They sell underwear, wraps, swim suits, and some skin care products (Sensicare brand).

Alternative Ana – This is a Canadian based company with super cute underwear and wraps for female ostomates.

Options Underwear – The best way to describe these is for you to check out their demo. The underwear velcros around your baseplate and allows you to stick your pouch in an exterior pocket, holding it close to your body, but not up against your skin.

OstomyPockets – This is a pocket you can snap to your clothes (pocket on one side of garment, snap on the other, like a magnet). The pocket allows you to keep your ostomy pouch close to your body and eliminates swaying.

C&S Ostomy Pouch Covers – Pouch covers you can order individually or within a set. They offer tons of different prints and designs for you to choose from.

OstoBuddy Mobile Device Application – This app helps you keep track of output, supplies, and when you change your ostomy pouch. It alerts you when your supplies are low as a reminder to order more. It’s $1.99 in the Apple App Store and the Android Google Play Store.

Have a favorite accessory that isn’t listed? Let me know so I can share it with everyone else!